Blanched hazelnut kernels

Ağardılmış fındıq ləpəsi

The specifications of the finished products manufactured by “AGRO WEST” company

1. Product name:

    Blanched hazelnut kernels

2. Size (diameter):

      10-12 mm, 11-13 mm, 12-13 mm, 13-15 mm

3. Product description:

    Hazelnut kernels, blanched

4.  General requirements:

    Blanched hazelnut kernels must meet the requirements of present specifications and the Directive № 25 of the government of Azerbaijan, dated 30.04.2010 as well as to GOST 16835-81 standards.

5. Packaging:

    Heat-sealed vacuum bags are made of wrapping film materials and packed in corrugated boxes with the net weight of 25 kg, 20 kg, 12.5 kg, 10 kg, 5 kg, 1 kg, 0.5 kg

6. Marking of packaging:

    The marking is applied contains the following data on packing in English and Russian languages:
    - Name of the product
    - Manufacturer’s name, address and country of origin
    - Product batch number
    - Date of harvest and packing
    - Gross and net weight
    - Shelf life
    - Storage conditions

7.  Storage:

      Stored in packed form in clear and dry warehouses with the relative humidity level of air not exceeding 55-60% and at temperature   from   +10 degree C to +20 degree C

8. Shelf life:

    Guaranteed shelf life is 12 months if stored under specified storage conditions.


The characteristics and applied standards of the goods


1. Organoleptic properties Parameter Blanched hazelnut kernels

Size (diameter): 10-12 mm, 11-13 mm,  12-13 mm, 13-15 mm

Regulatory document taken as the basis for related testing procedures
Appearance Uniformly sized, shaped and colored TŞAZ  3156503-02-2011
Taste and smell A taste and smell characteristic of hazelnut kernels; no foreign taste and smell TŞAZ  3156503-02-2011
Color Varies from white to gold color TŞAZ  3156503-02-2011


Hard, crispy TŞAZ  3156503-02-2011
Moisture of kernels, %, max. 4,0 TŞAZ  3156503-02-2011
2. Physical and chemical parameters Content of irregular kernels, %, min.
Broken, with mechanical damage 2,0 TŞAZ  3156503-02-2011
Wisened, shrunken half-developed, wormy 1,0 TŞAZ  3156503-02-2011
Moldy, rancid, with yellowed core 1,0 TŞAZ  3156503-02-2011
almond-shaped 1,0 TŞAZ  3156503-02-2011
Long length 1,0 TŞAZ  3156503-02-2011
Half pieces 2,0 TŞAZ  3156503-02-2011
Twin kernels 1,0 TŞAZ  3156503-02-2011
Infected by pests and their larvae Unacceptable TŞAZ  3156503-02-2011
Contamination by nutshell fragments and foreign matters Unacceptable TŞAZ  3156503-02-2011
Kernels with residual husk more than 1 cm2 or more 7,0 TŞAZ  3156503-02-2011
Kernels with residual husk less than 1 cm2 15,0 TŞAZ  3156503-02-2011
Peroxide value, mol, O2/kg Less than 3,5 GOST 51487-99
3. Microbiological parameters Acid value, ml, potassium hydroxine /g 1,0 GOST 50457-92
Coliforms detected in 0.1 g of the product Unacceptable GOST 30518-97

GOST 50474-93

Pathogens detected in  25 grams of the product, including Salmonella Unacceptable GOST 50480-93,

GOST 30519-97

Molds, CFU (colony-forming units)/g Less than 500 GOST 10444.12-88

GOST 26670-01

4. Safety profile, mg/kg, max.
Toxic agents
Mass concentration of lead 0,5 GOST 26932-86
Mass concentration of arsenic 0,3 GOST 26930-86
Mass concentration of cadmium 0,1 GOST 26933-86
Mass concentration of quicksilver 0,05 GOST 26927-86
Mass concentration of B1 aflatoxin, mu/kg, max. 0,005 GOST 30711-01
hexa-chloro-cyclo-hexane, mu/kg, max. 0,5 СанПиН 42-123-4540
dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane and its metabolites mg/kg, max. 0,15 СанПиН 42-123-4540
cesium -117, max. 200 МУК
Strontium – 90, max. 100 МУК

9. Organization of pallets:

    - Corrugated boxes on pallets – dry, clean and without foreign smell
    - placing the underlying cards between the pallet surface and load
    - a pallet may contain only one lot of the product
    - a pallet with loaded product is covered with stretch film.
    - delivery of products on europallets (800 x 1200 mm)

10. Transportation:

    Transportation is in covered trucks. The carrying vehicle is examined for cleanness, dryness and existence of insects and foreign smell. Each vehicle has a certificate of hygiene.