Hazelnut kernels

Hazelnut kernels

The specifications of the finished products manufactured by “AGRO WEST” company

 1. Product name: 

    Hazelnut kernels

2. Size (diameter):

    9-11 mm, 10-12 mm, 11-13 mm, 12-13 mm, 13-15 mm

3. Product description: 

    Hazelnut kernel

4.  General requirements:

    Hazelnut kernels must meet the requirements of present specifications and the Directive № 25 of the government of Azerbaijan, dated 30.04.2010 as well as to GOST 16835-81 standards.

5. Packaging:

    Polymer bags “Big-bag” with the net weight of 1000 kg,  fabric bags with the net weight of 80 kg and heat-sealed vacuum bags with the net weight of 25 kg, 20 kg, 12.5 kg, 10 kg, 5 kg, 1 kg, 0.5 kg packed in corrugated boxes

6.  Marking of packaging:

    The marking is applied contains the following data on packing in English and Russian languages:
    - Name of the product
    - Manufacturer’s name, address and country of origin
    - Class of the product
    - Date of harvest and packing
    - Gross and net weight
    - Number of Quality document
    - Batch number

7. Storage:

    Stored in packed form in clear and dry warehouses with the relative humidity level of air not exceeding 55-60% and at temperature   from   +10 degree C to +20 degree C

8. Shelf life:

    Guaranteed shelf life is 12 months if stored under specified storage conditions


The characteristics and applied standards of the goods


1. Organoleptic properties Parameter Hazelnut kernels

Size (diameter): 9-11 mm, 10-12 mm,  11-13 mm, 12-13 mm, 13-15 mm

Regulatory document taken as the basis for related testing procedures
Appearance Whole, mature kernels with a light brown and brown cover, creamy tint on fracture points GOST 16835-81
Uniformly sized and shaped GOST 16835-8
Taste and smell A taste and smell characteristic of hazelnut kernels; no foreign taste and smell GOST 16835-81
Average kernel weight, g, max. 0.8 g GOST 16835-81
Base moisture of kernels, %, max. 6.0 GOST 16835-81
Moisture of kernels, %, min. 4,0 GOST 16835-81
2. Physical and chemical parameters Content of irregular kernels, %, min.
Broken, with mechanical damage 2,0 GOST 16835-81
Wisened, shrunken half-developed, wormy 1,0 GOST 16835-81
Moldy, rancid, with yellowed core 1,0 GOST 16835-81
almond-shaped 1,0 GOST 16835
Long length 1,0 GOST 16835
Half pieces 2,0 GOST 16835
Twin kernels 1,0 GOST 16835
Infected by pests and their larvae Unacceptable GOST 16835
Contamination by nutshell fragments and foreign matters Unacceptable GOST 16835-81
Peroxide value, mol, O2/kg  3,5 GOST 51487-99
Acid value, ml, potassium hydroxine /g 1,0 GOST 50457-92
Coliforms detected in 0.1 g of the product Unacceptable GOST 30518-97

GOST 50474-93

3. Microbiological parameters Pathogens detected in  25 grams of the product, including Salmonella Unacceptable GOST 50480-93,

GOST 30519-97

Molds, CFU (colony-forming units)/g 1000 GOST 10444.12-88

GOST 26670-01

4. Safety profile, mg/kg, max. Toxic agents
Mass concentration of lead 0,5 GOST 26932-86
Mass concentration of arsenic 0,3 GOST 26930-86
Mass concentration of cadmium 0,1 GOST 26933-86
Mass concentration of quicksilver 0,05 GOST 26927-86
Mass concentration of B1 aflatoxin, mu/kg, max. 0,005 GOST 30711-01
hexa-chloro-cyclo-hexane, mu/kg, max. 0,5 СанПиН 42-123-4540
dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane and its metabolites mg/kg, max. 0,15 СанПиН 42-123-4540
cesium -117, max. 200 МУК
Strontium – 90, max. 100 МУК

9. Transportation:

    Transportation is in covered trucks. The carrying vehicle is examined for cleanness, dryness and existence of insects and foreign smell. Each vehicle has a certificate of hygiene.